ParaYoga Nidra: Enlightened Sleep

“Any senior yoga teacher must graduate to the practice and understanding of ParaYoga Nidra. Rod teaches from the voices of the ancient teachers, bringing a rich tradition to life.” ––Jeanne Heileman

The ParaYoga Nidra Certification Program is designed for those students who would like to be able to become certified to teach and call their classes ParaYoga Nidra®.

ParaYoga Nidra is the sublime science of enlightened sleep, rooted in a vast body of knowledge and ancient tradition. ParaYoga Nidra has five distinct aims or outcomes, thus, the template for the practice changes depending upon which one of these five you wish to achieve. On the most basic level, ParaYoga Nidra is a comprehensive method for maximizing health and well being. On a deeper level, it is a profoundly spiritual practice and somewhere in between, it is one of the most profound and accessible ways to positively reshape the unconscious.

ParaYoga Nidra is a potent modality for:

  • Healing
  • Transformation
  • Sankalpa
  • Transcendence
  • Accessing the timeless wisdom of the sages––the most subtle application of yoga nidra

The ParaYoga Nidra Certification Program: Details

In order become certified to teach ParaYoga Nidra practices, one must complete the following ParaYoga Master Trainings:

  1. The 5-day ParaYoga Nidra Training. This ParaYoga Master Training (PYMT) is also part of The ParaYoga Master Training Program, a 10-part, 300 hour, advanced training program. It is open to everyone interested in learning about and experiencing ParaYoga Nidra.
  2. The Four Desires – taught throughout the year by Certified Four Desires Trainers.
  3. Secrets of the Sutras – this PYMT is currently available online through Glo.
  4. Kosha, Kriya, Yoga: Unleashing the Science of Soul

These prerequisites prepare the student for the culminating live training, The 9-day ParaYoga Nidra Practicum and Certification Course. The next offering of this course will be in 2020, date TBA. Note: the 5-day PYN training must be taken prior to attending the 9-day PYN Practicum and Certification Course. The other components of this  program may be taken before or after the 9-day course. 

Yogarupa also strongly recommends a 40 day practice of a specific ParaYoga Nidra practice of your choosing from the Sanctuary App prior to taking the 9-day Course.

Certified ParaYoga Nidra Teachers:

Sonoma, CA
Barbra Brady – also a Level 2 Certified ParaYoga Teacher

Sierra Madre, CA
René Quenell – also a Level 3 Certified ParaYoga Teacher and Certified Four Desires Trainer

Topanga, CA
Tracee Stanley – also a Level 1 Certified ParaYoga Teacher and Certified Four Desires Trainer

Golden, CO
Inge Sengelmann – also a Level 1 Certified ParaYoga Teacher and Certified Four Desires Trainer

Silverthorne, CO
Heidi Ihrke

Iowa, City, IA
Fannie Hungerford – also a Level 2 Certified ParaYoga Teacher and Certified Four Desires Trainer

Charlotte, NC and Frisco, CO
Eileen Friars – 8th Street Yoga Center in Charlotte

Miami, Florida
Leah Kinsella

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Loren Crawford

Zurich, Switzerland
Angelica Richardson
Misty Richardson

Upcoming Trainings that are part of the PYN Certification:

Online Through Secrets of the Sutras: Light on Self Mastery

The Four Desires: this ParaYoga Master Training is held throughout the year by our 
Certified Four Desires Trainers – Click here to view these events.

Registration Opens September 12th, 2019: ParaYoga Nidra: Enlightened Sleep – a 5-day ParaYoga Master Training in Germany with Yogarupa Rod Stryker May 12-17, 2020

***The next ParaYoga Nidra 9-day Certification Training will take place in 2020, date TBA. The next Koshas training will be offered in 2121 and can be taken after the 9-day training.