Online ParaYoga Core Curriclum


Welcome to ParaYoga’s Online Yoga Courses.

These self-paced, online yoga courses can be taken as individual modules or as part of the ParaYoga Master Training Program, a 300-hour training approved by Yoga Alliance. Each one of our courses is designed for curious students of all levels who want to deepen into their practice, as well as teachers seeking to offer classes with greater insight and skill.

ParaYoga’s aim is to help you cultivate a deeper connection to your highest self by sharing the enduring wisdom and techniques that unlock greater power, joy and freedom. These four online courses are the first steps on this most rich and rewarding journey of self-discovery.

What will I learn?

  • Practices that ignite the full potential of your practice and teaching.
  • Skills and understanding to deepen your ability to share yoga as a holistic science.
  • A strong foundation for incorporating yoga therapy into your teaching. 
  • Tools to create unique practices for yourself as well as a wide variety of classes for your students.
  • Ability to practice and teach a variety of meditation techniques, transmitting the true potential of this ancient science.
  • How to awaken the teacher within and live a soul-driven life. 

What’s included:

  • Downloadable manuals for each course, specifically written and designed to guide and support you. 
  • Access to our intuitive learning platform via Learn-Dash, making learning online simple and user-friendly.
  • Each module is approximately 40 hours of combined lecture, yoga, pranayama and meditation practices.
  • Progress assessments with quizzes and assignments (as well as receiving feedback from certified ParaYoga teachers) that complement and reinforce the learning experience.
  • Choose how quickly (or slowly) you move through the material. 
Rod Stryker teaching online

Everything has been meticulously designed and integrated to bring these online yoga courses to life in a way that it has never been before. This comprehensive and in-depth yoga curriculum is unmatched and can be completed from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

The ParaYoga Master Online Core Curriculum is comprised of four in-depth trainings:

“I’m so thoroughly impressed, inspired and challenged by these online trainings! I’m learning so much more than I can express…all in the comfort and convenience of my home. I own an extremely busy yoga studio, travel, host training myself and am a Mom…and yet this has been totally Manageable. I have taken nearly every yoga training out there and I can tell you Rod Stryker is the most important one of all. Thank you! I’m so grateful.”  -Nicole Duke

Sample online course page
The Learn-Dash Learning Platform is user-friendly and allows you to mark lessons as complete as you move through the course.


Do these trainings count toward the 300-hour ParaYoga Master Training?

Yes. These online courses count fully towards our 300-hour program.

Can I take live ParaYoga modules while I’m working through the online curriculum?

Yes! You are welcome to attend live events with ParaYoga while you make your way through the online curriculum.

Should I take the courses in a specific order?

We recommend beginning with Vinyasa Krama as it is the foundation for many of the courses, but this is not required. If there is a particular subject or curriculum calling to you, begin there!