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Click here to get a bird’s eye view of the many opportunities to begin or continue your studies with ParaYoga! After you’ve scrolled through the event pages you’re interested in, feel free to reach out to kerry@parayoga.com with any questions you have about specific events or the ParaYoga Master Training Program in general.

Note that this calendar lists live and livestream events only. Our online, asynchronous courses can be started at any time and count fully toward our program. Click here to be directed to the ParaYoga Master Training Online Curriculum Page.

Yogarupa’s 2021 Schedule: We will be publishing the remainder of Yogarupa’s teaching schedule on our website very soon! For now, here is an idea of what he will be offering in 2021––please stay tuned for the details including specific dates, location or livestream, tuition, etc. by subscribing to our email list on the homepage (we send approximately 2-3 emails per month).

Spring: Koshas and Guru Parampara are published on our website and listed below. The Four Desires and the 5-day ParaYoga Nidra PYMT will be added very soon! All trainings will be either online/asynchronous or livestream.
Empowering the Heart and the 9-Day ParaYoga Nidra Certification Training: both trainings will be online/livestream
Winter: Costa Rica Retreat (already scheduled): LIVE at Blue Spirit one of our favorite places on the planet!






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photo credit: Corinna Berstein