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Claudia Neuman

Level 1 Certified ParaYoga Teacher and Certified ParaYoga Nidra Teacher Silver Spring/Baltimore, MD, USA

Claudia Neuman, MSW, E-RTY 500, YACEP, was born in Los Angeles where as a child she joined her Mother at community Yoga classes. As a teenager she pursued daily classes through Integral Yoga Society, and also spent time at the Sivanada Yoga Society. Claudia began her serious study at Yoga Works in Santa Monica where she was fortunate to study with and assist some of the most influential teachers of our time while honing her own teaching skills. She was even more fortunate to have Rod Stryker initiate her into the ISHTA Yoga tradition at that time as well.

Claudia received her Masters in Social Work from USC in 1985, where she had also been offering free Yoga classes to staff and students on campus. During this time it became clear her love of the Yoga tradition, and her desire to elevate the human condition would become her calling. She spent many years as a Family Systems Therapist specializing in addictions while continuing her work as a Yoga teacher. Through her years of study and teaching, Claudia has become even more wholeheartedly committed to helping individuals find the source of their internal light through the practice of Yoga.

Her love of the Tantra Tradition has been a cornerstone of her lifes work; she sought out teachers such as Douglas Brooks and Paul Muller-Ortega, and, in 2004, she certified in Anusara Yoga. In 2013 she reconnected with her former teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker, the founder of Para® Yoga, and knew immediately she was home. Claudia became certified in Para® Yoga Nidra in March of 2021, and was awarded a Level One Para® Yoga Instructor certification in August of 2021.

Today her students describe her classes as mini Yoga retreats that offer a complete experience of Yoga while putting them in touch with their own power and strength. Claudia directs teacher trainings and continues to offer her signature workshops Enlightened Restand The Origins of Yogaat many studios in the DC Metro area where she lives. Her articles are featured regularly in the Yoga Todaysection of Pathways Magazine

To learn more about Claudias class offerings and private instruction opportunities, visit: www.alignwithgrace.com.

IG: @alignwith_grace