Koshas: Unleashing the Science of Soul

ParaYoga’s Koshas course: Kosha, Kriya, Yoga: Unleashing the Science of Soul provides a powerful understanding of the five “sheaths” or coverings that obscure the light of the Soul so you can master your inner and outer worlds, and flourish at every level of your being.

An understanding of the ancient teachings of the koshas serves as the foundation of yoga as a deep, holistic practice. This training gives you the opportunity to move through and experience these subtle realms. The wisdom behind Kosha, Kriya, Yoga empowers you to flourish at every level of being to access greater freedom, balance and wisdom.

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Some of the areas covered will include:

  • Holistic Sequencing – accessing the hidden powers of the whole person
  • Making a physical practice spiritual
  • The Interplay of Body and Mind – how to change the body through Mindfulness, and Mind through specific Asanas and sequences of Asanas.
  • The Interplay between Mind and Energy
  • Bandhas and Mudras – the Tantric Yoga approaches to Transforming Mental patterns
  • Self-reflection techniques that strengthen and embolden a constructive personality
  • Antarkarana – the structure of Mind – a Vision of Yogic Perception
  • Specific approaches to relaxation practices (Yoga Nidra) that awaken Buddhi – the inner Knower.
  • Meditation beyond Bliss – how to Transform the Seeds of Destiny

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