The Enlightened Life Series

June 3, 2015 | Uncategorized

Join Rod Stryker online to discover techniques and strategies to help you live your very best life as part of  The Enlightened Life Series at the Aspen Center for Living Peace.

We all aspire to an enlightened life. We want:

  • More contentment
  • More capacity
  • More peace
  • More clarity
  • To live with purpose
  • To be more steady in the midst of change
  • More patience
  • To be more powerful
  • To spend more time on what is important and less time on what is not
  • To live with purpose
  • To stop repeating the same lessons over-and-over again
  • More freedom, and
  • More fulfillment

These are the signs of enlightenment. Yet even while we seek them and construct a life that we hope will bring us more of these things, we don't necessarily turn the focus on ourselves, or more specifically on our mind­­––the very thing that could make having all of those things much, much more accessible.

The Enlightened Life is a nine-session course that will teach you how to have more of the things you want. Over the course of these nine sessions, Rod leads you through various exercises, meditations, contemplations and inspiring lectures that will help you become more focused, have greater trust and faith in yourself, increase your capacity, have more joy and lasting peace. Each session features inspiring and in-depth lectures relevant for anyone wanting more of an enlightened life. The lectures also include guided meditations, at least one and in many sessions two different practices that you will be able to listen to time-and-time again. In addition Rod will make suggestions and give assignments for work to be done between the sessions, which will help you prepare and get the most out of the course.

Click here to sign up: Aspen Center for Living Peace.



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