Sanctuary with Rod Stryker: The Meditation & Yoga Nidra App

Enter Sanctuary to experience life-changing practices of meditation and yoga nidra––the ultimate in deep relaxation, also called “Enlightened Sleep.” Rod Stryker, one of the world’s leading yoga and meditation teachers is your guide, helping unlock the far-reaching potential of these practices. With its diverse, ever-expanding library of practices, including the new Deep Sleep section, and a host of other features, Sanctuary is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your practice and life.

Sanctuary’s mission is to provide tools and knowledge that elevate the lives of individuals and society as a whole. Its aim is to serve as a premier destination for all levels of those wanting to experience the life-changing practices of meditation and yoga nidra (aka “Enlightened Sleep”). Sanctuary features an ever-expanding library of practices and talks designed to support you, your practice and your life.

Sanctuary’s “Get One, Give One” means that for each monthly subscription purchased we will be gifting a subscription to an individual in one of five different communities facing significant challenges: public school teachers, victims of human trafficking, former inmates, members of the LGBTQ community and military veterans. Subscriptions are gifted sequentially to one member of each group (i.e. for every five subscriptions purchased one member of each community will be provided a free subscription to the app). Thus, as a subscriber to the app you can know that as you elevate your wellbeing, you will be doing the same for someone else in need.

A host of features, including a diverse and ever-expanding library of short and long practices, Rod’s livestream events and community pages, means that you will be able to access the benefits of its time-tested practices to get the most out of your life––anytime and anywhere.

A modern master of these practices, who has taught for forty years, Rod’s welcoming voice and style of teaching means that every practice is as accessible as it is effective. A monthly subscription to Sanctuary gives you unlimited access to the practices as well as a host of other features, all designed to support you, your practice and your life:

A Subscription to Sanctuary Includes:

    • Unlimited access to an ever-expanding library of meditations and Enlightened Sleep practices
    • Audio recordings of yoga practices to prepare for meditation and/or Enlightened Sleep
    • Exclusive access to The Rod Pod, inspiring and informative talks on practice and life
    • Exclusive access to Rod’s feed and livestream
    • Sanctuary’s Community page, where you can share your comments and experiences and be part of a global community of other dedicated practitioners
    • Friends & Messages feature, where members can friend each other and send one-to-one or group messages
    • A Courses section where you can listen (for free) to shorter programs or purchase longer, previously recorded ParaYoga trainings and workshops with Rod
    • As a subscriber you will automatically be part of our “Get One, Give One” program. Sanctuary will give one subscription to an individual in one of five different communities facing significant challenges. Subscriptions are given on a sequential basis only.  
  • Elevate your own wellbeing and do the same for someone else in need.

Here are some of the organizations we are currently collaborating with to support those in need: 

BodyWise Foundation
City-As-School, NYCDOE School District 2
Comeback Yoga
Give Back Yoga Foundation
Project Yoga Cincinnati
Project Yoga MOV
Roaring Fork School District
Tempe Union High School District
The Yoga Impact Charity
Veterans Yoga Project

Sanctuary – Your Refuge for Body, Mind & Soul

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