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Relax into greatness leads you through two practices of Yoga Nidra – an ancient and life-changing approach to complete relaxation.

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Relax into greatness leads you through two practices of Yoga Nidra – an ancient and life-changing approach to complete relaxation. Unlike other sitting meditation techniques, you rest on your back. There you are guided into various techniques that allow you to reach the state of complete effortlessness and awaken your potential for greatness. Led by Rod Stryker, Yoga Nidra is more then a systematic approach to total rejuvenation and healing, it is a truly a gift to help you shape your destiny and live the richest life you can imagine.

List of Tracks:
1. Introduction 4:44
2. Long Practice 47:25
Breath–Sensation–Images–The River of Life
3. Short Practice 25:37
Breath–Sensation–Images–Sanctuary of the Heart

Yoga Journal review, September 2010

by Hillari Dowdle

If you suffer from insomnia, you probably spend a lot of time in the wee hours wondering what to do with yourself. Get up and get productive? Lie in bed and pray for sleep? Read a book? Try to meditate? When you’re tired and wired and desperate for rest, Yoga Nidra is a good option. Yoga Nidra is designed to lead you to a place more relaxing, more restorative, and more rejuvenating than sleep itself. You can experience it for yourself with Relax Into Greatness, the excellent audio program created by Rod Stryker, the founder of ParaYoga.

Yoga Nidra, Stryker says, relaxes not just the body and mind but also the subconscious–the storehouse of all out psycho-emotional tension, the stuff that keeps us up at night. “At the height of it, you hover in the effortlessness of deep sleep while retaining only a subtle trace of awareness,” he says.

The set comprises a series of detailed guided meditations–a full-body scan, imaginary alternate-nostril breathing, a replaying of your day (backward), and an envisioning of the dark screen of your subconscious mind, among others. Throughout the program, Stryker accompanies his instruction with regular reminders that you should listen passively, without trying to do or achieve any particular thing. Instead, he encourages you to maintain the witness state throughout as you allow yourself to peacefully drift away. It’s pranayama (breathwork) meets pratyahara (sense withdrawal) meets dharana (concentration) meets dhyana (meditation), with a little svadhyaya (self-study) thrown in for good measure. Altogether, it’s truly a profound package that allows even beginning students to touch some one the deeper practices of yoga.

There are two programs on Relax into Greatness: a complete practice, which runs 45 minutes, and an abbreviated option, which clocks in at just under a half hour. Choose the longer one–the short one, though pleasant, feels hurried. You will want more time to spend with Stryker’s soothing, sonorous voice, which is guaranteed to lull you into that lovely state of relaxed receptivity.

No longer have a CD player? No problem: the practice tracks from this CD-Set are available on our meditation and yoga nidra app, Sanctuary with Rod Stryker. These practices live in the Empower section of the app.

If you would like to purchase 10 or more of these, we sell them wholesale!  Just send us an email request: info@parayoga.com.

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