“On the Meditation CDs”

November 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

Q: Can you tell me what are the differences between Meditations for Life and Meditations for Inner & Outer Peace?

In one sense the CDs are quite similar in that they both have three guided meditation practices on them. On each one I leads specific practices for specific effects. The only difference is the actual practices on the CDs. “Meditations for Life” features meditation on the heart, meditation on the breath, and one for revitalization. On Meditations for Peace, the three practices include a deep practice to balance the nervous system, one that leads you into deep stillness, and the final practice is a practice for establishing oneself in and sharing healing and love with others.

Q: I will be going in for elective surgery. I am hoping you can recommend pre and post-operative practices for preparation and recovery.

My recommendation would be on the “Unconditional Healing Meditation” on the “Meditations for Inner and Outer peace CD, or the “Meditation on the Flame of Self-Healing” on the Meditations for Life CD. Either of these practices will help. This is true whether or not you are on medication. The other powerful tool would be Yoga Nidra, which is an extraordinary technique to help heal and restore the body and mind.