Reflections & Timeless Solutions Volume I

June 30, 2022 | Online Courses

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Courage & Grace in a World of Conflict

A world in conflict. Life pervaded by technologies indifferent to our physical, mental, and emotional needs. Collective discourse sowing more division than resolution. In spite of it all, our heart never stops longing for purposeful living, deep connections, joy, creativity, rest, and most certainly, peace.

This is the great stirring of the soul.

Honor it and solutions appear where previously they did not. Life brims with meaning, possibility, and initiative. Tune to its life-affirming intelligence and you return once again to a constant source of renewal, and ultimately, the remembrance of grace—the awareness that, no matter what, you are blessed by nature, the Divine.

“Live life fully, courageously. Be regenerative and generous, kind to yourself and others,” your soul beckons. Most significantly, it lights your way to meet each moment fully; it is wholly prepared to guide you to the life you were meant to live. Honor this beckoning of soul and your life fills with meaning and possibility, initiative and wonder.

Anything less disconnects you from your Self and one another. This leads to being overwhelmed by life’s challenges, ruled by anxiety and sadness, exhaustion, distraction, life becoming increasingly burdensome, and a further weakening of your path to freedom.

Reflections and Timeless Solutions is a 3-part online series of gatherings, dedicated to returning you to the salve of Spirit. Each session will be an opportunity to reflect and turn toward real-life solutions.

Each session weaves together:

  • the great writings of the ages
  • insights of yoga philosophy and other wisdom traditions
  • the lessons of nature’s cycles
  • practical strategies
  • journaling exercises
  • meditation

This series is designed to enliven your resilience and to tap into the boons of timeless wisdom as well as our shared humanity—so critical and yet, in such short supply in today’s world. The aim of Reflections and Timeless Solutions is to help you, individually and collectively, source strength, renewal, and authentic courage—and to return you to the gift that is the remembrance of grace.

Reflections and Timeless Solutions are gatherings,
dedicated to rousing your most vital nature
and ensuring that you continue to be guided
by its creative, aspirational, and bold presence.

Open and beneficial for all. No yoga experience required. The registration fee includes 3-month access to streaming recordings.

A note from Rod…

“Something to contemplate before viewing this series: If life is to deliver the kind of promise and joy and meaning we all long for, we will certainly need to summon strength; but self-effort can only take us so far. Sooner or later we will need to feel the touch of grace––the knowledge that no matter what, life is sacred, that we are never alone, and that benevolent forces greater than ourselves are eternally present. 

Reflect on the last time you experienced Grace. Step into the remembrance of it enough to recall the feeling, the unique qualities of this reawakening. Meanwhile, consider the impact, should you be able to be with this awareness more consistently––the difference it might make. How would it affect your relationships, your way of seeing the world, and how you move in it?”