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Mary Bruck

Level 1 ParaYoga Certified Teacher Boulder, CO USA

Mary Bruck: Level 1 Parayoga Certified Teacher, Doctoral Ayurvedic Practitioner, herbalist

I began practicing yoga in 2001 and began teaching in 2006. I was looking for a teacher
who was knowledgeable about Ayurveda and Yoga, was direct and had a sense of humor. I
discovered Rod in 2010 when I signed up for a Tantra and Kundalini Intensive. I was struck and
simultaneously soothed by the notion that we already embody inner light and the divine
teacher. I began earnest studies with Rod in 2014. I was keenly interested in the healing
aspects of yoga and Ayurveda and in how they interleaved. Studying ParaYoga set me on my

I am an intense seeker of knowledge. By nature, I am an eternal student. The vast sciences
Ayurveda and Yoga keep me hungry for more knowledge. My passions are nature, science,
fitness, health and how the mind works. I live in Colorado and enjoy hiking, biking, skiing and
being in nature as much as possible. I have a BS degree in computer science, a health coach
certification, completed 3 years of nursing school, and completed my doctoral studies in
Ayurveda. I currently own and run my own Ayurveda + Yoga business in the Boulder, CO area.