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Rod Stryker at Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo

Rod Stryker | February 2, 2017 - February 5, 2017
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Thursday 2/2
12 – 1:30pm
Tantra Vinyasa: Awaken the Creative Force

According to Tantra, Spanda is the ecstatic pulse of the unmanifest, the source of creative energy, the soul of the material world; it is also the yogis’ bridge to spirit. In this class you will be led through a sequence of asanas (with an emphasis on twists), pranayama, and meditation –– practices that awaken your connection to eternal creative energy and the inner pulsation of your spirit.  Some theory gets us started.

Friday 2/3
8 – 9:30am
Sattva Vinyasa: From Detox to Freedom

The teaching of the Gunas––the three essential attributes or qualities of the natural world––may well be the yogic tradition’s most essential teaching on mastering both our inner and outer universe. Of the three, Sattva is the quality of clarity and balance that leads to ultimate freedom and revelation––the recognition of spirit’s effulgent light. Through lecture and practice we focus on the yogic approach to higher stages of practice, allowing us to unlock awareness that leads to the vision and the power of soul. In addition to Asana, Bandha, and Mudra, there’ll be some chanting as well as Kriya and Tantric meditation techniques.

Friday 2/3
12 – 1:30pm
Moon Vinyasa: Deep Stillness, Healing Power

Activation of the lunar force invokes the power of steadiness, immovable resolve, and the qualities of self-knowing. In this practice we’ll stalk the inner moon and invoke its nurturing and sublime forces through a powerful, yet deeply soothing asana, pranayama, and meditation sequence for body and mind. Through experience and some theory, you’ll cultivate the forces that lead to calm in the midst of turbulence and that awaken peace, intuition, and courage.

Saturday 2/4
12 – 12:45pm Speakeasy
“Pursuing Happiness: 7 Principles of the Enlightened Life”

Modern life appears to offer it all: limitless information, infinite technological conveniences and countless opportunities for creative expression, social connection and self-indulgence. Then, why aren’t we happier? The truth is lasting happiness is no more accessible or elusive now than it has it has ever been. The path to real happiness moreover, lasting fulfillment, is rooted in perennial truths, not subject to cultural shifts or technological advancements. Seven universal principles hold the key to unlocking the life we are all seeking. These principles are as relevant, even critical, today as they’ve ever been.


Saturday 2/4
4 – 5:30pm
Yoga Nidra: Relax Into Greatness

Yoga nidra is the sublime science of complete relaxation. It is a comprehensive method for maximizing health and vitality as well as one of the tradition’s most profound and accessible way to positively shape our unconscious and thereby affect our destiny. In this workshop we do 2 yoga nidra practices; we outline the theory of how you bring thought into form and how both relate to the concept of fulfilling destiny. Bring what you will need (blankets, a pillow, a thick mat, etc.) so that you will be warm and comfortable and able to rest on your back for the better part of one hour.

Sunday 2/5
2 – 3:30pm
The Tantra of Meditation

The Tantric approach to meditation embraces both dual and non-dual traditions. Through practice, theory, and discussion, we’ll explore the richness and diversity of the tantric traditions’ approach to meditation. Mantra, kriya, and breath awareness will be some of the practices you’ll be guided through so that you can learn how all meditation techniques are not alike and which may be the most auspicious for you, depending upon what you wish to achieve from your practice: creating a foundation, self reflection, building power, or fully embodying Source. All levels.



Great Lake Taupo
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