“Yogarupa Rod Stryker: Bringing Tantra and Yoga Nidra Into Daily Life” – An Interview on The Stuart Watkins Podcast, June 2019

June 12, 2019 | Interviews, News

Click here to watch the interview: https://stuartwatkins.org/podcast/yogarupa-rod-stryker/

From Stuart: This interview with Rod Stryker I found so inspiring and refreshing. He is a true master teacher with such clarity it was an honour to host him on the show. It was wonderful having him shine light on how Tantra can help us in daily life, as the concept of Tantra has become ‘muddied’ in the new age with much confusion around what Tantra even is. We also discussed how Yoga Nidra is such a powerful method in todays modern day where stress and poor sleep patterns are huge issues for many.