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June 4, 2015 | Uncategorized

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Practice with Yogarupa today!  Choose from more than 50 classes from his streamable YogaGlo library and practice anytime from the comfort of your home. Click here to start practicing wtih Yogarupa on YogaGlo.
We are happy–no, ecstatic–to announce that the filming for the online trainings officially wrapped on January 9th!  We are currently preparing the trainings for their online launch in the spring.  Stay tuned: we’ll keep you posted when we learn more details such as specific dates and pricing. Make sure you’re connected to ParaYoga via our email list for timely updates.

ParaYoga Master Training Have Launched!

Are you ready to experience the most comprehensive and in-depth online yoga––and yoga teacher training––program in the world?

ParaYoga in collaboration with YogaGlo launched the ParaYoga Online training modules on June 1st, 2016, with Vinyasa Krama.  We have meticulously build an online learning platform that is second-to-none. Rod leads all the modules, which consist of more than 500 videos; he has also written entirely new manuals for these first four PYMTs.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  Yogagloimageweb2a

Which ParaYoga Master Training (PYMT) modules are offered online?

The following first tier modules will be online:
Vinyasa Krama––The Energetics of Sequencing
Tantra Shakti––The Radiant Soul of Yoga
Secrets of the Sutras––The Practice and Teachings on Self Mastery
Prana Shakti––The Power and Path of Yoga

All other modules will continue to be offered live exclusively in Carbondale, Colorado, (including the above four for the foreseeable future).

How long will it take to get through a module?

The modules have been designed in a manner that you can move through them at your own pace; you have two years to complete each training.  This is the beauty of online delivery; you can access the modules when and where you want while still access senior ParaYoga teachers along the way for support and guidance.

How do the online modules differ from the live versions?

The online PYMTs offer the exact content of those in the classroom. The training manuals have been updated to assure complete uniformity. The modules will guide you methodically by weaving together lectures, guided asana, pranayama, and meditation practices, with live webinars, mentoring forums, discussion groups, personalized practice assignments and on-going Q & A sessions.

How much will the courses cost?

The a la carte pricing for these trainings is $750,  lower than cost to attend live trainings.  You can also save significantly by purchasing all four online trainings at the same time ($2500). The convenience and lower cost of these modules open up these teachings to a much broader student base enhancing their capacity to transmit the true potential of the ancient science of yoga.

Won’t I miss out on the experience of being in the live learning environment with Rod and the others?

We are confident that the array of integrated learning tools we developed, the order in which the content is delivered, and the quality of the trainings will allow you to practice, study and embody the depth of yoga’s ultimate scope and life-changing promise in the online modules ––and all at your own pace.

What can I expect to gain from the ParaYoga Master Training program?

PYMT graduates evolve in their personal practice and their teaching. ParaYogis also evolve alongside a global community of motivated and dedicated practitioners. The program is designed to empower you to integrate the power of the tradition of yoga into our modern and complex lives.

If I’m not a yoga teacher can I benefit from this training?

These modules will help you to take command of your destiny; they will get you established in a regular meditation practice, deepen your current practice and introduce you to an array of meditation techniques. Whether you’re a teacher or not, these practices will be of benefit to you – and the world.

How does ParaYoga differ from other advanced yoga trainings?

ParaYoga will ignite the full force of your practice and teaching by tapping into the authentic wisdom of yoga, Tantra and Veda so that you will be able to share yoga as a holistic science. ParaYoga PYMTs build a foundation to teach yoga therapy, a teaches you how to properly prescribe personal practices, including asana, pranayama and meditation. ParaYogis expertly create a wide variety of group classes designed to achieve specific results.

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