The Enlightened Life Series

I created The Enlightened Life to provide a course that would encompass all that one would need to live an extraordinary life.  This is a course for anyone.  Its focus is practical, no yoga terminology, just essential knowledge and practices that anyone can do. No background or previous experience necessary.

This nine-session course answers key questions like: How do you create a life filled with the greatest amount of freedom and success, ease and wisdom, power and grace? How can our relationships be most fruitful? How do you access supreme contentment? How do you skillfully navigate an ever-changing world? What do you need to know? What do you need practice?  These are the questions The Enlightened Life series answers.

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Over the course of these nine sessions, I lead you through exercises and guided meditations, contemplations as well as lectures that shed light on the keys issues that we must all face if we are to live fully and gloriously.

Filmed in Aspen, Colorado, in front of a live audience, the course spanned nine months. Below is a general outline of each session. In addition to lecture, each session includes at least one guided meditation or relaxation practice, and questions posed to participants to embody that session’s theme:

  • Session 1: The Six Steps to Unlocking Your Potential
  • Session 2: The Six Practices to Enduring Happiness
  • Session 3: How to Shape Your Destiny
  • Session 4: The Formula for Joyful Living
  • Session 5: Inner Guidance, Accessing Intuition and Unsurpassed Calm
  • Session 6: Overcoming Obstacles and Building Your Vitality
  • Session 7: Unlocking Success, Committing to and Achieving Your Goals
  • Session 8: The 4 Keys to Letting Go
  • Session 9: Compassion for Yourself First––The Four Steps to Embody It

I invite you to be part of this unique program, to tap into your innate gifts, positively shape your destiny, rest in ease, build your vitality and learn to meditate deeply. Discover the simple things you can do that will allow you to live more completely and more powerfully than ever before.  Unlock your soul’s potential, positively shape your destiny and become a more powerful force for good in the world.

Don’t postpone your happiness; awaken your Enlightened Life.