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Misty Richardson

Level 1 ParaYoga Certified Teacher, Certified ParaYoga Nidra Teacher Zurich, Switzerland

Misty has completed her in-depth education with Yogarupa Rod Stryker, whom she has studied with since 2011 and continues to do so. She began with Yoga in her teenage years and practiced for years in a local Zurich studio, then daily at home. A couple of years later she met Yogarupa – just as it is noted in the scriptures: “The Teacher appears when the student is prepared” – Path of Fire and Light, Swami Rama Being initiated into the lineage of Sri Vidya and guided by her Teacher, she finally found back home. 

Yogarupa has enabled her to share the wisdom of Yoga, Tantra, and Meditation, in short, the ancient, living Tradition of Sri Vidya with everyone that is seeking lasting peace and happiness.

She is registered with Yoga Alliance, a certified Para Yoga Nidra teacher, and lives in Zurich where she runs her homely yoga studio AyurvedaYoga with her mum and two Karma Yogis. All of whom are part of the ParaYoga family too. Misty teaches what she is taught and is focusing especially on bringing the practice of ParaYoga Nidra to her students, letting them experience this transformative and healing art. 

Misty is known for her very precise instructions when teaching Yoga – and she is relentless when it comes to applying a practice, having only her students’ wellbeing at heart. 

Being a continuous seeker and knowing she can only help her students deepen their practice when she herself continues to evolve, she practices every day, seven days a week. Basically anywhere where she can place a mat. Her credo being:

“There is no change without adjustment” – The four Desires, Rod Stryker

If you would like to join a class, please visit Misty’s website, she’ll be pleased to have you in her livestream classes accessible to everyone 😉