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Lauren Jay Toolin

Level 3 ParaYoga Certified Teacher and Certified Four Desires Trainer Troy, NY, USA

Saumya Lauren Toolin is a Level 3 ParaYoga teacher, Four Desires Trainer and an IAYT certified Yoga Therapist.  She has been aligned with ParaYoga (and its earlier incarnations) since 2000.  She helped design the ParaYoga Master Training Certification Program and was its Director for many years. Lauren loves mentoring dedicated students and aspiring teachers through her work with ParaYoga and has a world wide student base.

She is honored and delighted to be spending much of her professional time these days healing people as a certified Miracle Minded Coach, under the direct tutelage of the renowned Marianne Williamson. This designation aligns with and expands upon her work as a yoga therapist in truly remarkable and palpable (shall we say miraculous?) ways.

She is Master Teacher with Pranamaya Media and offers several courses through this excellent online training company.  Her latest offering is The Transformative Power of Conscious Breath. She also directs Yoga Vidya, her yoga school based in upstate New York (and everywhere in the virtual world).  The school’s offerings are multifaceted and powerfully catalyzing for all students.  Meditation, self awareness, pranayama and advanced hatha techniques are integral in every curriculum.  In addition to 200 and 300 hour trainings, Yoga Vidya also offers specialty certification courses like Trauma Informed Yoga, Elemental Meditation, Yoga for Young Ones and Radical Relaxation (restorative yoga and yoga nidra).

Lauren’s love of all things yoga has taken her beyond the mat and studio setting. She has presented workshops at the Kripalu Center, Omega, the Himalayan Institute and at many yoga events. She taught Yoga as Medicine workshops with Dr. Timothy McCall from 2009-2013. Lauren was on the Yoga Journal team for several years, and edited its Anatomy and Asana columns. She created, developed the content for and associate produced the PBS television special ‘The Practical Power of Yoga’ in 2009 and has been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga Plus Joyful Living, Yoga International, Origin magazine and many other publications and media.

Every day, she strives to embody the principal philosophy that she believes yoga to be – the science and art of utilizing one’s power and passion to create a life of health, love and liberation.