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Katy Knowles

Level 1 ParaYoga Certified Teacher Cincinatti, OH USA

At the age of 16, Katy was touched by yoga and its vast scope of knowledge and she continues to study the science 39 years later. In 1975, a teacher came into her family’s home and she was introduced to meditation and yoga. Yoga kept knocking on Katy’s door throughout her careers and study as a dancer, massage therapist and yoga teacher. While studying with Martha Graham and other dance teachers, yoga was woven into the dance. Katy studied and practiced massage therapy for 12 years, being certified in cranial sacral therapy, Reiki, process acupressure and other modalities of massage and body work and again, yoga kept showing up in that world. The big door opened when she was ready and the teacher appeared.  Laura Jane Melencamp opened Katy’s heart to the depths of the teachings and continues to do so today and led her to Rod Stryker and the Para Yoga tradition.

In 2004, Katy co-founded yogahOMe in Cincinnati. YogahOMe became the platform for Katy to spread the joy and teachings of yoga throughout the Cincinnati area for 10 years. The non-profit Project Yoga was an offspring from many dedicated and eager teachers at yogahOMe, who started teaching in the Cincinnati public schools. Project Yoga has evolved and grown over the years, reaching into underserved populations such as low income seniors, Cincinnati public schools, homeless women and children and serves various organizations through the practices of yoga and mindfulness. Katy’s mission to empower others to teach and spread the joy of yoga continues to be her journey through her focus on Project Yoga.  Katy continues her studies with Rod Stryker and Para Yoga and honors her teachers for their support and guidance, Laura Jane Melancamp, Lilias Folan, Karina Mirsky and Kathyrn Templeton. Katy is forever grateful for her husband David and her 3 boys for their support in her journey.