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Karen Palaszek

Level 1 ParaYoga Certified Teacher and Certified Four Desires Trainer Grand Rapids, MI USA

Karen holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan and a Masters degree in Human Resource Development/Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University.  She is a yoga entrepreneur, Four Desires Trainer and author of the book, It’s Time For a You-Turn: How Self-Honoring Choices Take You From Stressed and Exhausted to Peaceful and Energized.  Of her book, Yogarupa says, “A dedicated seeker and student of yoga, Karen Palaszek consistently incorporates what she studies into her life and teaching.  Her dedication has led her to create this book, a comprehensive and thoughtful roadmap for thriving both in and beyond your practice.” Karen also teaches a weekend program based on her book, helping others learn to systematically root into the incredible benefits of choosing with self-honor.  View the full spectrum of Karen’s services and specialty yoga products at www.quietmountainwellness.com.

Karen’s passion is expanding the classroom experience by incorporating the wisdom from her studies of Yoga, Meditation, The Four Desires, Psychology, Spirituality, Ayurveda and life. Her goal: to support committed students in their efforts to understand, develop and strengthen their inner resources in order to live more sovereign, joyful, conscious lives.


Karen has a philanthropic relationship with the Children’s Assessment Center in Grand Rapids, raising funds to provide free counseling to child victims of sexual abuse.  She has also donated her specialized Whisper yoga mats to Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids, for their yoga program, serving women fighting cancer.


Karen holds her teachers, Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, in highest esteem for sharing their vast knowledge, and is forever grateful for the great blessing of being a student; experiencing their exemplary contribution to humanity, wise guidance and illumined leadership.