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Joe Somodi

Level 2 ParaYoga Certified Teacher Fort Collins, CO, USA

Joe Somodi has spent more than two decades perfecting his breath training and mental performance coaching, working with a variety of corporate, nonprofit and private clients across the United States. He is a master yoga educator and breath coach who develops interactive programs that help clients form life-long habits that increase their physical and mental performance.

He’s hosted hundreds of classes and workshops that have helped thousands of people improve the quality of their breath which results in better health and mental clarity, focus, and calm.

He has a background in video production, having run a New York city company that produced short form documentaries and promotional videos for discerning clients like Fortune 500s, major media like ESPN, and celebrities like Sophia Lorne and Randy Jackson. He’s also a former Division 1 collegiate golfer who still enjoys playing the game, although with higher scores.

Joe holds a wide range of accreditations including yoga, meditation and as a certified Life Coach.

He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his husband and their thoroughly spoiled Australian Shepard, Brody.