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Heather D. Reynolds

Level 1 ParaYoga Certified Teacher and Certified Four Desires Trainer Sambro Head, Nova Scotia, Canada

Heather has a passion for encouraging people to see just how far they can go. As one client said,

Heather sees who you are and who you could be before you do.  Through movement and words she guides you along the path you know you were meant to travel.  Every lesson is a new journey!     ~ Suzanne S

She blends together her ​own ​curiosity to continually gain deeper understanding, her love for reaching new heights and her skill as a teacher to share her understanding, particularly the teachings of ParaYoga,​
in an accessible way. “Meet people where they are, then take them for a ride.” is the mantra behind Heather’s approach to teaching.
Heather holds a Masters in Kinesiology and is a licensed kinesiologist and teacher. Heather holds certifications as a certified Four Desires teacher, a certified ParaYoga Level 1 teacher, and is recognized by Yoga Alliance as an eRYT 500 hour teacher. Heather continues to publish a blog, and is an author of a book and many articles on performance.
Heather’s unique background grounds her in the knowledge of how the body works and, incorporating the tools of Yoga, how to engage the energetics and the mind to create the experience and performance that supports growth. Coupling her knowledge with her intuition and skill to articulate, Heather is a skilled teacher and coach. More about Heather can be found on her website: Heather Reynolds.