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Cheryl Bell

Level 2 ParaYoga Certified Teacher, E-RYT 500 Camano Island, Washington, USA

Cheryl is a devoted student of YogaRupa Rod Stryker and has been initiated into the Sri Vidya lineage of the Himalayan Tradition. She has also been studying with with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait since 2009. Cheryl became a Certified Level II ParaYoga Teacher in 2010. She is deeply grateful for all the teachers and fellow practitioners that keep this tradition alive by their own practice and sharing their wisdom. She feels blessed and honored to be able to uphold this tradition and share the teachings as well.

Practicing yoga asana and mantra meditation since 1974, Cheryl has been teaching yoga since 1999. Self taught until 1991, she then spent 7 years studying with Marie Svoboda in the Iyengar style. She has been an LMP since 1996 and has an extensive understanding & love of anatomy and physiology which she shares as she teaches. She has also studied and practiced both Viniyoga and Ashtanga styles. Additionally, she studied Ayurvedic Yoga & Massage with Betheyla from The Ayurvedic Institute from 2004-2007.

In 2001 she was at a teacher training conference when she first heard YogaRupa Rod Stryker teach and give a lecture. Becoming aware that she had been teaching a mish-mash of yoga and meditation, she dove deep into the practice and study of this Himalayan tradition, first for her own Self development and understanding, and then to take that experience to her classes and students.

Cheryl is the senior-most and first certified teacher of exclusively ParaYoga in the Pacific NorthWest. She specializes in small groups and one-on-one teaching in the traditional way of yoga. She brings to light the teachings in a very pertinent and specific way to guide each individual in uncovering the Beauty and Truth of Self. Reverance, curiosity and wonder guide her on this wonderful life of yoga; yoga is life. Her classes are a lively and engaging study of the ancient and traditional sciences of yoga and the way it helps us to live our lives fully here and now!

“Cheryl’s teaching offers self-realization through the physical practice of yoga, gradually increasing strength, flexibility and the ability to quiet the mind. Her classes have all the elements to help transform your life!” Michael Hepburn

“Cheryl has taught me how my breath, body and mind are connected in a gentle, profound and loving way.” Michelle Hepburn

Small Groups and Privates are taught at Cheryl Bell’s Yoga Meditation Massage Studio in Seattle Washington

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