“Sanctuary Meditation and Yoga Nidra” – An Interview with Yogarupa Rod Stryker by Erika Belanger

August 20, 2020 | Interviews, News

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1- Hierarchy in teaching doesn’t have to be informed my patriarchy or dominance. The role of a teacher is to lead by definition, but to eventually make themselves obsolete, by empowering their students so they can walk away and stand in their own wisdom and capacities.

2- Ultimately what determines the quality of your life is the quality of your perception of life and the depth of your own self-awareness. Yoga is about the mind more than it is about the body. The end goal is the refinement of the quality of your perception, so yoga asana is a meditation tool.

3- Yoga Nidra is the conversion of sleep and meditation. Your body is fundamentally asleep and your mind gets into a delta pattern; it’s most quiet, most relaxed, deep state of relaxation, but there is still a thread of being conscious. It recalibrates us our perception of ourselves by being both a practice and a state of consciousness.

4- To live a happier, more purposeful life, you have to start by getting still. Then, you get clarity on how to live in alignment with your purpose. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing in life, but you won’t find happiness until you live a purposeful life. You will feel lost for not having done what you were here to do, not being who you were meant to be, and creation will suffer from you not playing your role in it. “An undisciplined mind is unfit for any path”. 

5- Understanding your life purpose helps you deal with the small things in life, not only the big challenges. When you learn how to responds better to those small things, your destiny changes. You take the driver seat in shaping your destiny by making those everyday small right decisions. Peace is never guaranteed but we are each responsible for finding our own peace and best form of self-care is to overcome our nature.