Rosie Acosta Interviews Rod Stryker on Radically Loved Podcast

September 9, 2022 | Articles, Interviews, News

Rosie Acosta Podcast Interview Rod Stryker

Trust is critical between a teacher and a student; it’s a core component of every relationship with a power differential. Being in a position of authority means influencing the lives of those with less power. As such, the gravity of crossing boundaries and making mistakes is seen and felt on a larger scale. How, then, does someone in authority take accountability  and responsibility for disappointing the people who have put their complete trust in them?

In this episode Rosie Acosta interviews Rod about what it means to take accountability for a mistake as someone in a position of authority. Rod opens up about the consequences of getting emotionally involved with a student and going through a process of repair. He shares the work he did around understanding what it means to be a teacher. He also details what he learned about regret, forgiveness, and self-acceptance.

Listen to the whole episode HERE.

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