Our resources page is a compendium of commonly requested forms and answers to commonly asked questions which we hope will support you on your journey.

YouTube Channel: Click here to view regularly updated videos of Rod’s classes and lectures.

Carbondale Resources: click here to learn more about training in Carbondale–where to stay, how to get here, where to eat, etc.  Trainings unless otherwise noted do not include meals, transportation or accommodations; this page will answer many question, especially if you’ve never attended a training in Carbondale. Our valley is so beautiful, you will love it!

Certified ParaYoga Teachers:

  • Click here for our directory of ParaYoga Certified Teachers.

ParaYoga Invocation

  • Click here to listen to the ParaYoga Invocation as well as to read its translation.

Five Steps to Mantra Practice

Click here to listen to Yogarupa lead you through the five systematic steps to effective mantra practice.

Enrollment in the ParaYoga Master Training Program
How the program works:

Quarterly Submission Form

Required Reading for the ParaYoga Master Training

Teaching History Form

The ParaYoga Certification Program

ParaYoga Code of Ethics

Continuing Education Requirements

The continuing education (CE) requirement is in place to assure that certified ParaYoga teachers refresh their practice and vision and so that Rod can check in with you regularly, see you and experience the ever-evolving transmission of the tradition.

  • Every two years, you must complete at least 12 hours of continuing education   Satisfying this minimum requirement can be fulfilled either by attending a PY weekend workshop with Yogarupa, a retreat with Yogarupa a 5-day PYMT, a 5-day continuing education course* or by assisting Yogarupa at one of these events.  Any one of these options will satisfy the CE requirement.

    *Continuing Education Courses include the new ParaYoga trainings: Sri Vidya: The Spirit of PsychologyGheranda Samhita: The Science of Hatha Yoga that Leads to the Highest and Empowering the Heart: The Abode of Sacred Joy, Healing and Power.

ParaYoga Ethics Committee:
Denise Alston
Linda Baird
Tricia Fiske
Joe Somodi