Required Reading List + Links to Quizzes

Note: Book Reports have been replaced by short Google form quizzes and are required in order to successfully complete each of the ParaYoga Master Trainings.

To receive a certificate for completing any one or all of the ParaYoga courses, or to receive credit toward the ParaYoga Certification Program, you must submit the corresponding Google form quiz for each book (see the ParaYoga Master Training Reading List below). Links to these quizzes are included below and will also be sent out 1-month prior to each live training. The quiz must be submitted within 6 weeks following the end of the training in order for it to count toward ParaYoga Certification.

Books for the ParaYoga Master Trainings
(including links to the corresponding google quiz)

Vinyasa Krama:





Yoga Nidra:



Guru Parampara:

The Four Desires: