Enlightened Sleep: Restore Body, Mind, and Soul with the Power of Yoga Nidra by Rod Stryker

December 23, 2020 | News

Yogarupa’s book is coming out in 2022!
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From renowned yoga teacher and trainer Rod Stryker comes the ultimate guide to better rest and complete well-being.

Imagine being deeply and truly rested. Falling asleep easily and staying asleep soundly. Imagine knowing how to take the ultimate power nap whenever you need to increase creativity, reduce stress, or access greater emotional balance. For most of us trying to navigate the chaos of modern life, this all sounds too good to be true. It isn’t.

With Enlightened Sleep, Rod Stryker brings us a groundbreaking and much-needed guide to yoga nidra―the sublime science of complete relaxation. Rooted in a vast body of knowledge from ancient traditions, yoga nidra is a meditative practice done lying down, while providing a wealth of benefits. At the most fundamental level, it helps us relax and improves our health.

Taken a bit further, it can serve as a powerful tool for changing subconscious patterns, false self-perceptions, and even our experience of trauma. Brought to its most profound stages, yoga nidra awakens us to deep spiritual insight and greater purpose.

The culmination of Stryker’s four decades of experience, Enlightened Sleep weaves together ancient wisdom, the latest scientific research, and an abundance of guided practices to help you experience all of these benefits for yourself. “While you may have heard that yoga nidra is the equivalent of deep relaxation,” writes Stryker, “you will soon discover that it is much, much more.”