Praise for ParaYoga’s Newest Trainings, Yoga Nidra and Gheranda Samhita

September 7, 2016 | News

Greetings from ground control at ParaYoga! We received so much wonderful feedback from our August trainings that we thought we’d share some of it with you here.  If you weren’t part of these trainings and would like to take them next year, stay tuned…more 2017 events will be announced very soon!

“Yoga Nidra is deeply transformational.  When the constrictions of breath and body and the stains of the mind dissolve, we can see clearly. When the source of suffering is revealed by our Soul and higher mind, we can plant the seeds of new ideas in the fertile field of consciousness. At the most elemental, Yoga Nidra relaxes and heals. At its most profound, you will be awakened to the fourth dimension, Turiya. Between those two, Yoga Nidra, when administered skillfully, serves as a tool to change unhelpful mental patterns and wrong self-perception and even heal the effects of trauma. Transformation is gradual but sometimes there are sudden leaps…I felt myself bursting out of the golden egg as a new person.” ––Inge Sengelmann

“This training has been profound for me on a healing level, I have had so many breakthroughs & deep insights. I’m very grateful that I came into this training with a background in yoga as that depth allowed me to access the layers I did. Recognizing, seeing and feeling “the stain” was revolutionary for me––I’m so excited to work with my new sankalpa, it’s going to transform everything! I could never have arrived there on my own! Also, the re-ap on how to teach yoga nidra on the last day was extremely valuable.” ––Lindsay Herlinger

“This training was divine. Its impact will inform both my teaching and practice and most importantly, my life off of the mat.”

“A wonderful training! Thank you for divising a way to study and experience the deeper impacts of Yoga Nidra. I found the discussions and practices relating to the koshas to be so helpful, especially the clear, practical emphasis on the Inner Teacher. I have studied other PYMTs over a period of years and I found this training to be very integrative and “juicy,” pulling from the foundations.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I am extremely grateful that I was able to have this transcendent experience with Yogarupa. I am not a teacher, but the Yoga Nidra training gave me so many invaluable tools to use in my personal practice.”

“Any senior yoga teacher must graduate to the practice and understanding of Yoga Nidra. Rod teaches from the voices of the ancient teachers, bringing a rich tradition to life.” ––Jeanne Heileman

“Yoga Nidra was an excellent training. Most helpful was repeating the simple basics over and over because that is what everyone needs, that and the emphasis on healing. Yogis are used to advanced, stimulating, transformative practices but most people are not ready for that, and simply need healing and self-acceptance.  Rod’s “Inner Teacher” meditations were great for developing self-acceptance. What was most brilliant was when we followed one of these meditations with a silent walk in nature, what a gift. Thank you!”

“Gheranda Samhita offered a deep, systematic, experiential approach that I feel will have a direct and profound impact on my daily practice.”

“Gheranda Samhita has reviewed time-tested techniques and offered many new ones…even more than specific techniques, this training taught me how to build intensity and efficiency through a disciplined application of present moment awareness.”

“(From Gheranda Samhita) I take away a huge clarity in the form my practice will take going forward, it feels like it will manifest as a practice that has a more pointed and powerful impact on me. I also gained great clarity on mudra and pranayama practices and their impacts. Yogarupa’s wisdom that all conflict is inner conflict inspires me to cultivate greater inner clarity, strength and connection to the Divine.  I feel strengthened and nourished, knowing my practice will sustain me to offer my best self to the world around me.”

photo: DJ Pierce