Our Mission & Cultural Values

The ParaYoga Mission

ParaYoga is a living link to the ancient traditions of yoga, meditation, and tantra. Our mission is to serve these teachings by continuing to be a leading resource for the dissemination of their wisdom, power and capacity to positively affect all aspects of modern life.

Our unique approach is to combine authoritative knowledge, direct experience, and accessibility so that students and teachers of all levels––and society as a whole––are uplifted by yoga and tantra’s time-tested practices, leading to ultimate fulfillment and freedom.

ParaYoga Cultural Values


We choose to accept responsibility for the quality and conditions of our life, thus as individuals we are accountable for our thoughts, speech and actions. We recognize that our personal integrity implies a commitment to collective wellbeing as the foundation for sustainability––both globally and as an organization.


We commit ourselves to Truth, openness and clarity. As we inquire into the nature of Self and recognize its inherent qualities as the light of wisdom and compassion, we are less fearful. Consequently, we act with kindness, love, sustainability, and integrity, in service to our highest values.


The ParaYoga tradition is authentic, with a genuine historical lineage, and as part of this lineage we have a responsibility to cherish and nurture the teachings and pass them on with great love and respect for the sources from which they have come as well as those whom they will reach.


ParaYoga seeks to empower individuals to thrive at every level: physically, mentally and spiritually. Every ParaYogi’s voice can be heard within our community.


As we grow in commitment to build partnership and community, we have a responsibility to act with kindness as well as to cultivate our capacity to be honest, forthcoming, and lovingly straightforward with one another. This commitment to actively share the gift of compassion extends to every individual in a ParaYoga community as well as to the world at large.

Love of Life

We are all enlivened by and connected through the joy of being alive. The gift of life is to be savored and shared. We actively work, each according to their own nature (Sva Dharma) to establish a more just and sustainable world where all beings can delight in the joy of being alive.

This statement of cultural values was generated and refined by the community of ParaYogis using a process that allowed individuals and groups to declare what mattered most to them about the practice and teaching of ParaYoga.