“On Tantra”

November 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

Q: Can you help explain the differences between Shiva and Shakti? Is one or both Divine? Which one should I experience when I meditate? Is one more important to know?

A: These are incredibly subtle concepts, initially “seen” by adepts who described their experiences, which then became specific teachings. My point is don't get so concerned with them… but since you have asked I'll share the theory: Shakti is everywhere. Shiva is its source. Shakti is the force of manifestation. Shiva is stillness, pure consciousness and emptiness–the Divine that watches manifestation unfold. Separately and combined, they are both entirely Divine. The advice from the sages is consistent. Don't force, don't try, don't search. Just be. That is the source of all miracles as well as the treasures of success and happiness.

Q: Did you see the cover story on Yoga in Time magazine? What did you think of how Tantra was described?

A: Yes indeed, I saw the Time magazine article. I did not read the article, only passed over that four or five words summarizing Tantra, which was disconcerting. However looking on the bright side, it may keep me gainfully employed for quite some time working to debunk the false mythology propagated by the uninformed.