“What’s Your Soul’s Unique Purpose?” – A New Online Course with Rod Stryker through Yoga International

May 8, 2019 | News

Ready to take your yoga beyond the mat and dive deeper into your life’s purpose?

Once we find the meaning and purpose of our lives, fulfillment and joy will follow. The Four Desires are an effective method of self-inquiry that can help you uncover your life’s true calling. In this four-part course, you’ll get tools and assignments that can help you hone in on your life’s path (your dharma) and figure out what’s next for you.

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Beginning to Uncover Your Authentic Purpose

When we honor the most enlightened aspects of ourselves, we are better able to serve the greater good and therefore lead more happy and fulfilling lives.

In this class, Rod invites you to consider what your unique purpose is—what lessons you are here to learn—and he shows you how you can begin to uncover the authentic mission that already lives within you. At the end, he offers you your first assignment for reflection.

The 4 Desires: Shaping Your Destiny

What shapes your destiny? How can you fulfill your life’s purpose?

In this discussion, Rod explains that often the things we want are in conflict with our life’s purpose, and that it is difficult to move toward fulfillment if we are unaware of this conflict and how to address it. He then outlines the four desires that are intrinsic to manifesting your purpose and offers you a second assignment for reflection.

Thriving in the Midst of Challenge

How we thrive in the midst of difficulty is what contains the key to discerning what’s next for us on the purposeful path. In this discussion, Rod helps you gain insight into your own uniqueness by asking you to recall a challenging time and then invites you to reflect on it in your third assignment.

Living Your Soul’s Purpose

In this final class, you’ll begin putting your realizations into action. Rod teaches you how to mine what you’ve written in earlier assignments in order to find the clarity you need to take your next step. Using examples from his students’ lives and his own life, he guides you in how to use the teachings from this course to act in a way that’s in harmony with your dharma.