New Member Course featuring Yogarupa on Yoga International, “Foundations of Tantra”

February 25, 2019 | News

The practices and philosophy of tantra are designed to help us realize the beauty and sacredness within us, manifest our highest potential, and make the world around us a better place to live in.

In this beginner-friendly program, you’ll gain an experience-based understanding of tantra by learning to integrate its methods in asana, pranayama, and meditation practices.

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  • Students must be a member of Yoga International to take this course.

In this program, you will:

  • Practice the Gayatri mantra and asana together to feel the subtle and illuminating effects of sound vibration.
  • Learn about and practice agni sara (fire essence), a central tantric practice that can help you experience deep inner awareness and vitality.
  • Explore a chakra-based meditation that’s designed to accelerate the process of getting to know yourself at a deeper level.

Enjoy this systematic approach to a whole-body, whole-being method that will enliven your outlook on life and practice.

The Intersection of Tantra and Yoga

In this brief introduction, Rod outlines the history of tantra, discusses common misconceptions and misapplications of it, and explains what this holistic approach to yoga is all about.

Mantra and Asana Synergy

This simple practice is designed to help feel the subtle and illuminating effects of sound vibration as you experience the synergy of mantra and asana.

You’ll move through a sequence of movements and holds in familiar postures (such as warrior l and bridge pose) as Rod leads you in a “call and response” of the Gayatri mantra (a sacred, all-pervading mantra considered to be the “mother of the Vedas”). Along the way, you’ll pause to experience the effect of the mantra’s sound and meaning.

Cultivating Power

How do you practice yoga off of your mat each day?

In this discussion, Rod explains how tantric practices can help us influence and shape our physical, emotional, and mental energy. In other words, how they can help us “cultivate power” so that we can maximize our capacity to benefit the world around us.

He then delves into the benefits of agni sara—fire essence—a focused practice that gives us access to a deep, enlivening energy.

Agni Sara: A Tutorial

In this short tutorial, you’ll learn essential guidelines for the practice of agni sara (fire essence), including breathing instructions, helpful postural tips, how to incorporate it into your asana practice, contraindications for practicing, and more.

Tantric Methodologies to Enhance Your Practice

In this module, you’ll go deeper into tantric concepts and learn about a chakra-based meditation that can help you “melt” internal barriers and experience your inner sacredness.

A Tantric Approach to Meditation

Accelerate the process of discovering your innate beauty and sacredness with this guided chakra-based meditation where sound, feeling, and image are the main components.

The Sum of Tantra: Life Is Sacred

Now that you’ve experienced an introduction to tantra, where do you go next? In this final module, Rod sheds light on key ways that you can continue to grow your practice.