More About ParaYoga

From the view of the ancient tradition, “Yoga” means more than being able to perform beautiful poses or achieving superb flexibility. It means more than being able to sit quietly in meditation. It even means more than having a pain-free body or a stress-free mind. All of the above may be desirable, but there is only one true barometer for accomplishment in yoga: the quality of your life. The quality of your yoga is measured by the quality of your life. 

In ParaYoga, we teach that you can vary what and how you practice to affect potential outcomes of practice. In the hands of skillful teacher, you experience practices that address your specific needs–the ones that lead you to greater fulfillment and freedom, or increased creative capacity, or joy, or even fearlessness.

The aim and reach of ParaYoga to positively influence your life is outlined in six touchstones. The more you experience ParaYoga, the more you will be enabled to:

The Six Touchstones of ParaYoga

  1. Live your purpose. Experience the priceless joy of fulfilling your unique destiny. The basis for your most contented life and most positively impacting the world is rooted in hearing your soul’s call, then having the insight and the courage to act on it.
  2. Master yourself by learning to attain a clear and tranquil mind. Utilize the keys to consciously shaping your vital force.
  3. Embody ultimate balance, health, lasting peace and freedom by practicing the insights of ancient, time-tested knowledge.
  4. Become a brilliant light, whereby you embody exemplary leadership, compassion and wisdom.
  5. Know your Source. As a result, you learn to see and celebrate your life as a gift. See the magic and rest in the magnificence that is the invisible fabric of this world.
  6. Share your gifts, pass on the power and brilliance of your self-knowledge, accomplishments and experience.

The ParaYoga experience is supported by certified master teachers who have undergone years of rigorous study, personal practice and testing. These individuals embody the spirit of ParaYoga and are highly qualified to share their wisdom with others. You can find a ParaYoga certified teacher here, or join us at any one of our ParaYoga events

Rod Stryker teach ParaYoga Wanderlust festival.