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Practice is the key that unlocks Yoga’s potential to transform your body, your mind, and most importantly, your life.  ParaYoga uses asanas (yoga postures) to link you to your breath and to strengthen and purify your physical body. Pranayama (breath control) is used to balance your nervous system, clear and steady your mind, and build your vital force.  Meditation enables you to access a boundless reservoir of inspiration and capacity, to touch your soul, and to see a world of possibility and beauty that would otherwise remain invisible.

ParaYoga® seamlessly integrates these diverse practices, making it a uniquely powerful, accessible, in-depth and life-affirming approach in today’s yoga world. To practice ParaYoga is to experience positive changes in how you look, feel and think and to discover the amazing potential of these ancient techniques to positively affect your life. Over time, you will overcome obstacles that used to confine you. You will find yourself living more fully than ever. More joy and freedom, increased strength and capacity, a greater sense of peace and fulfillment––are just some of the benefits experienced by those who practice ParaYoga consistently.

Practice ParaYoga throughout the U.S. or anywhere in the world, through its varied offerings: live open classes, online streamable classes, weekend workshops, retreats, live and online ParaYoga Master Teacher trainings as well as continuing advanced education courses and workshops.

Developed by master teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, the ParaYoga experience is supported by certified teachers, who have undergone years of rigorous study, personal practice and testing. These individuals embody the spirit of ParaYoga and are highly qualified to share their wisdom with others. You can find a ParaYoga certified teacher here, or join Rod at a live event, online or by enrolling in the ParaYoga program.

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Are you ready to begin the ParaYoga® Master Training Program? Enroll now if you wish to deepen your personal practice or if you seek to become a certified ParaYoga® teacher. Enrollment provides you with access to audio practices, video teachings, asana sequences, and the ParaYoga Sangha (community), helping you stay inspired and to develop your personal practice. Once enrolled, you will be eligible to apply for the certification program.

Working One-on-One with a
Level 3 Certified ParaYoga Teacher

We are here for you. Having a personal relationship with a teacher is part of our tradition.  A teacher can help provide structure, clarity and serve as an invaluable resource to your growth and transformation. Moreover, a seminal aspect of ParaYoga is the dedicated daily sadhana; many of our students work with our teachers for help with personal practice development. Each Level 3 teacher is living and practicing the Para Yoga teachings and can help by giving you one-on-one assistance on your journey, including guiding you toward the open mantra within the ParaYoga tradition that is most potent for you.

Mentoring sessions are paid directly to the teachers, hourly rates apply ($108 an hour). In person, phone or video sessions are available.  If you are interested, please reach out directly to one of the following Level 3 Certified Para Yoga Teachers for scheduling:

California: René Quenell

Illinois: Tricia Fiske

Minnesota: Tanya Boigenzahn

New York: Lauren Toolin

Utah: Mary Johnston-Coursey

We hope that you will take full advantage of the expertise offered to give you personalized guidance in our amazing lineage.

Our Certified Four Desires Trainers are also superbly trained to provide one-on-one guidance through the Four Desires process, please click here to see our current list of Trainers:
TFD: Certified Four Desires Trainers