ParaYoga Certification

The ParaYoga Master Training (PYMT) Program is one of the most in-depth Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Programs in the world. The curriculum has been meticulously developed by Rod Stryker to ensure that all those that complete ParaYoga certification are steeped in the principles, philosophies and practices of ParaYoga.

Who Are Certified ParaYoga Teachers:

ParaYoga certified teachers have demonstrated a clear ability to expertly guide others into the practices of ParaYoga. Their study and practice is validated through thoughtful and thorough testing. To find a teacher, please view our certified teacher directory.

As a ParaYoga Certified Teacher, you will:

  • Learn the art of sharing the teachings of ParaYoga with all levels of students
  • Gain the skill to create and lead a wide variety of classes
  • Design practices to meet specific needs of individual students or groups
  • Connect to the lineage of ParaYoga and the tradition of the Himalayan sages of which it is a part
  • Embody excellence in teaching and in life

 How to Become a Certified ParaYoga® Teacher:
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ParaYoga Certification Requirements

  • Completion of all 10 PYMTs
  • Completion of the training’s corresponding required reading and book quizzes
  • Regular personal practice
  • Individual evaluation through both written testing and an interview
  • Formal review of the applicant’s teaching via video submission

ParaYoga Faculty

ParaYoga Faculty designates those ParaYoga teachers who are qualified to lead ParaYoga Master Trainings (PYMTs). This is an opportunity for the most experienced ParaYoga teachers to expand their mastery and reach of the teachings as they continue serving the mission of ParaYoga. ParaYoga Faculty are qualified to lead PYMT foundational courses, having demonstrated their expertise, depth of experience, knowledge, wisdom, and skill in ParaYoga and as yoga teacher trainers.