Secrets of the Sutras: Light on Self Mastery

Your supreme potential unfolds in the state of yoga. Yoga is the revelation of perfect clarity, limitless intelligence, lasting peace, and freedom in action. Yoga practice – culminating in the heights of wisdom and compassion – can be defined as those processes that enable us to become what in our heart of hearts we aspire to be. Written in 200 B.C., Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is the singular text that illumines the path of yoga more clearly and systematically than anything before or after.

The transcendent wisdom of the Sutras integrates the sciences of awakening body, mind, breath, soul, spirit, and creator. The word ‘Sutra’ means “thread.”  The text is called the Yoga Sutra because it threads together all the diverse teachings of yoga into a single body of knowledge. While the Sutras are intended to be practical, their scope and precision require the guidance of the highest kind of teacher to reveal their subtle and hidden power. The study of the Sutras accelerates the journey of personal growth as it deepens understanding of the Divine potential of Yoga and life. By illuminating the practices, challenges, purpose, and potential of yoga as a spiritual journey, the Sutras map the path to realizing life’s most precious treasures.

This ParaYoga Master Training is open to all interested students.  Designed to enrich dedicated practitioners, aspiring teachers, or those already teaching.

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This training is also available as an online course!

In this training, asana practices are devoted to unfolding a particular teaching of the Yoga Sutras. Emphasizing direct experience these sessions survey the most relevant and powerful themes of the Sutras by weaving together dynamic Asana, Vinyasa, Pranayama, and meditation practices.

Deepen your exploration through lectures, additional practices, and Q & A sessions. Our focus is to outline yoga’s path toward self-mastery, and how yoga can, if properly understood and practiced, remove those things that keep us from experiencing our highest aspirations. As a whole, the Training aims to exalt teachers and non-teachers alike by providing a vision to see oneself and one’s practice (and/or one’s students’ practice) with sublime understanding, compassion, and crystal-like clarity.

Some topics we cover include:

  • The Effect of Correct Practice and its Aim
  • The Tantra of the Yoga Sutras
  • Refinement of the Practices Outlined in the Sutras
  • The Secret Teaching of Pranayama
  • The Sacred Approach to Jappa (Mantra Repetition)
  • The Sublime Teaching on the Cave of the Heart
  • The Mastery of Asana according to Patanjali
  • Pranayama and the Mind
  • Patanjali’s Teaching on the Three Paths of Yoga (Mild, Medium and Intense)
  • The Secret Teaching on Omniscience
  • Practices for Self-Reflection and Self-Inquiry
  • Mysticism and Spirituality: Beyond the Psychology of the Yoga Sutras

Recommended Reading:
THE SECRET OF THE YOGA SUTRA by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait