Kundalini: The Grandeur and Spirit of Yoga

All spiritual practice aims to awaken man’s divine potential. Kundalini – The Grandeur and Spirit of Yoga brings together the physical and meditative practices dedicated to awakening the dormant potential of the Divine within you. In the Tantric tradition this indwelling spirit or capacity – in its dormant state – is called Kundalini. Once awakened Kundalini is known as Shakti and is considered to be the force behind the attributes of genius, talent, grace, as well as, all significant accomplishment. Thus an awakened Kundalini is as much the stuff inspiring great poets, artists, composers, and mathematicians, as it is the most accomplished yogis. But it is yogis who know it and perhaps revere the most directly, seeing a fully awakened Kundalini as the vessel that carries a select few to rest on the shore of life’s ultimate aim – self-realization.

Hatha Yoga – first expounded upon in written form fifteen centuries ago – was originally a science intended to lead to nothing short of the ascent the Divine power of Kundalini. From the view of these ancient scriptures Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Kriya, and meditation are the necessary preparation for realizing the highest states of human achievement and spiritual attainment. The philosophy and practices dedicated to Kundalini offer the experienced Yogi the most profound of all of Yoga’s teachings.

Kundalini is one of the most powerful branches of Tantra and the foundation of ParaYoga. Kundalini science is the essence of all spiritual practice – awakening Divine potential. An awakened Kundalini is known as Shakti – the force behind the attributes of genius, talent, grace, as well as, all significant accomplishment. Explore the force that has enlightened countless seekers, inspired great poets, artists, and scientists, as well as, all their greatest work. To attend this training, you must have completed a minimum of 3 PYMTs.

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Some of the areas covered will include:

  • Holistic Sequencing – accessing the hidden powers of the whole person
  • Making a physical practice spiritual
  • The Interplay of Body and Mind – how to change the body through Mindfulness, and Mind through specific Asanas and sequences of Asanas.
  • The Interplay between Mind and Energy
  • Bandhas and Mudras – the Tantric Yoga approaches to Transforming Mental patterns
  • Self-reflection techniques that strengthen and embolden a constructive personality
  • Antarkarana – the structure of Mind – a Vision of Yogic Perception
  • Specific approaches to relaxation practices (Yoga Nidra) that awaken Buddhi – the inner Knower.
  • Meditation beyond Bliss – how to Transform the Seeds of Destiny

Recommended Reading:
AGHORA II: KUNDALINI by Dr. Robert Svoboda