Guru Parampara: Transmission and Lineage

Guru Parampara – Transmission and Lineage is the culmination of the ParaYoga® Master Training. It is an intensive and transformative training focused on growing your power and authority as a teacher and awakening the lineage of the Himalayan sages. Its primary aim is to ensure that ParaYogis have a clear understanding and capacity to apply all ParaYoga® practices and techniques in both group and individual class settings. This dynamic, intensive, and transforming course goes beyond theory and provides an opportunity for true understanding and application.

In addition to a series of wide-ranging lectures, the training will also include case studies, opportunities to review participants’ teaching skills that include practice teaching as well as group and individual presentations.  Throughout the training our emphasis is on guiding teachers to refine their skill and capacity, both as teachers and advanced practitioners.  Participation requires you to have completed at least 6 ParaYoga® Master Trainings; of these 6, Vinyasa Krama and Koshas are required.

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In addition to twice-daily asana and meditation practices, the study curriculum includes some of the following subjects:

  • Holistic Sequencing – accessing the hidden powers of the whole person
  • Making a physical practice spiritual
  • The Interplay of Body and Mind – how to change the body through Mindfulness, and Mind through specific Asanas and sequences of Asanas.
  • The Interplay between Mind and Energy
  • Bandhas and Mudras – the Tantric Yoga approaches to Transforming Mental patterns
  • Self-reflection techniques that strengthen and embolden a constructive personality
  • Antarkarana – the structure of Mind – a Vision of Yogic Perception
  • Specific approaches to relaxation practices (Yoga Nidra) that awaken Buddhi – the inner Knower.
  • Meditation beyond Bliss – how to Transform the Seeds of Destiny
  • Science of diagnosing and designing practices to meet individual needs
  • Growing your power and authority as a teacher
  • Addressing the physical, emotional, and psychic limitations of your students
  • The art of communication and intuition in one-on-one teaching
  • Learning to overcome your obstacles to clear perception
  • The art of teaching meditation
  • Awakening the lineage of the Himalayan sages

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To be eligible to attend Guru Parampara, you must have completed 6 or more ParaYoga Master Trainings; of these 6, Vinyasa Krama and Kosha are required.  Additionally, participation in the Guru Parampara PYMT requires you to have enrolled in the PYMT program