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The Path of Strength & Resilience | Yoga Tree of Boise

| January 20 - January 21

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Can Yoga practices truly help us meet the most pressing concerns and challenges of our lives today? If so, what are these most essential practices that make that promise a reality?

The ancient traditions of yoga and tantra do reveal the keys to resolving our deepest sources of unrest. These are practices that use the breath, the body as well as contemplation and meditation to lead us back to the highest states of equanimity and renewal. They are vital if we are to expand self-awareness, deepen our acceptance of ourselves, one another, the world and even a fuller embrace of Source.

Drawing from the contemplative streams of yogic (Yoga Sutra 1:33) and tantric wisdom, and in combination with asana, pranayama and meditation, we focus on the practices that move us beyond conditioning, take inspired action and tap into a lasting source of gratitude and love of life.

Over the course of the weekend we will dive into these teachings and the experiences essential for anyone wanting their yoga to truly unlock freedom and joy.

In addition to two sessions on both Saturday and Sunday devoted to asana, pranayama, meditation and contemplation, the weekend will also include a panel discussion. Rod will moderate a discussion with esteemed collegue and founder of Yoga Tree (Boise), Jennifer Knight, and other guest teachers to speak directly to how they integrate the teachings in their lives. We focus on the practical and personal and the journey of embodying our highest ideals.

All participants are invited to what promises to be an enriching and practical conversation.

Workshop 1 | Saturday: 12:30pm – 3:30pm | Attachment
Workshop 2 | Saturday: 4:00 – 6:00pm | Compassion
Workshop 3 | Sunday: 11:15am – 2:15pm | Jealousy
Workshop 4 | Sunday: 2:30 – 4:30pm | Judgment