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Rod Stryker at Hanuman Yoga Festival

Rod Stryker | June 15, 2017 - June 18, 2017
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Rod’s Offerings at Hanuman:

Immersion: Yoga, Tantra and the Heart Lotus
Thursday, 1:30-5pm

Unlocking the wisdom and power of the heart center leads to supreme glory, peace and capacity. According to the traditions of yoga and tantra, the heart holds the keys to the “highest fortune.” The heart lotus and the soul secrets it holds are closed, until we begin to nurture the heart through the practice of inner worship. As it opens, its unique capacities, including complete understanding of our own mind as well as the teachings is awakened. The heart contains eight unique shaktis (powers) that grace our inner and outer life with extraordinary gifts. This master class will weave a journey into the heart lotus through different methodologies––including asana, bandha, mudra, pranayama and meditations––that unveil the qualities of the awakened heart: unsurpassed joy, complete stability, mastery of mantra and the highest light of discernment.

Tantra Yoga Vinyasa: Awakening the Sacred Channel
Friday, 8:30am-10:30am

According to Tantra, the spine––and more specifically, the energy channel inside it, called sushumna––is the abode of our soul’s untapped potential, the source of our creative energy and spirit. All yoga practice is meant to prepare us for tapping into this sacred channel. However, in this class we move through a sequence of asana, pranayama, and meditation specifically designed to awaken this central channel and to unlock the spiritual energy that resides within it.  Some theory gets us started.

Kundalini Vinyasa: Bridge to Spirit
Saturday, 11am-1pm

According to Tantra, Kundalini is the source of creative energy and the soul of the material world; it is also the yogis’ bridge to spirit. In this class, we move through a sequence of asana, pranayama and meditation––practices that awaken your connection to eternal, creative energy and the pulsation of your spirit.  Some theory gets us started.

Panel Discussion “Lineage Transmission: The Evolution of Ancient Practices for Modern Life”
Saturday, 2-2:45pm

Tantra Yoga Vinyasa: From Detox to Freedom
Sunday, 8:30-10:30am

Tantric Hatha Yoga maps a complete journey, from purification to spiritual awakening. In this class we cover the entire spectrum, focusing on the tradition’s most essential teaching on mastering both the inner and outer universe. We’ll churn the body to stoke vital force and then access a vision of the highest. In addition to asana, bandha and mudra, this session will include chanting as well as kriya and tantric meditation techniques.


Hanuman Yoga Festival
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