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A ParaYoga Immersion in Portland

Rod Stryker | January 20 - January 22

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Awakening the True Power of Yoga: Sun, Moon and Fire
Presented by Rod Stryker at The Norse Hall Ballroom in Portland, OR

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 The ancient tradition of Tantra maps the entire spectrum and sacred journey of Hatha Yoga. According to these teachings there are three stages of practice: Moon, Sun, and Fire. Ancient wisdom tells us that knowing how and when to apply these practices is key to realizing the promise of yoga and achieving lasting happiness and success. Understanding the progression of these three stages and the signs and symptoms that prepare us to meet our needs and goals for our practice unlocks the potential of practice.

Join master teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, for an inspiring and potentially life-changing weekend.  Each class includes theory and practice; all levels welcome.

Friday Talk at The Yoga Space
(separate charge from the weekend sessions, suggested donation $20)

“Attaining Happiness: Seven Principles of the Enlightened Life”

Modern life appears to offer it all: limitless information, infinite technological conveniences and countless opportunities for creative expression, social connection and self-indulgence. Then, why aren’t we happier? The truth is lasting happiness is no more accessible or elusive now than it has it has ever been. The path to real happiness moreover, lasting fulfillment, is rooted in perennial truths, not subject to cultural shifts or technological advancements. Seven universal principles hold the key to unlocking the life we are all seeking. These principles are as relevant, even critical, today as they’ve ever been.

Weekend Sessions at the Norse Hall:

Sun Practice: Awakening the Force of Transformation
Saturday AM 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

In this session, we focus on the approach to practice that links us to and allows us to master prana, or life force. Sun practices increase vitality, subtle awareness, passion, and power. They unlock the subtle forces that lead to the final stages and highest goals of practice.  “Solar” energy leads to shining, both internally and externally and is the foundation for the final and most powerful stage of practice.

Moon Practice: Centering and Balancing

Saturday PM 1:30 – 4 PM

Activation of the lunar force creates healing, peace and wisdom. These practices stimulate the nurturing energy that allows us to remain calm in the midst of turbulence, steady in the midst of change. They also lead to mastery of mind and are key to awakening hidden intelligence and intuition.

Fire Practice: Discovering and Living the Ultimate Aim of Practice

Sunday 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

The ultimate aim of Yoga practice is to awaken our inner fire­­––the force of Spirit. Activation of the subtle force of fire leads to extraordinary perception and living. Practice focuses on generating the energy that dissolves inertia and the final obstacles to the highest state of Yoga.

Vinyasa: Worship at the Lotus of the Heart

Sunday 2:30-5pm

According to some schools of Tantra, the ultimate aim of practice is to embody Sri. The session will feature dynamic asana practice as well as yoga nidra.  We will dive into the heart of Tantra’s sublime vision, leading you to experience the body as the altar of life and the source–the all-encompassing beauty and joy–that is the soul of the universe.


Cost:  $275 through October 1st, $325 after
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Norse Hall
111 N.E. 11th
Portland, OR 97232 United States
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Daily Schedule

Saturday at The Norse Hall Ballroom
9:30am-12:30pm Session 1
2:30-5pm Session 2

Sunday at The Norse Hall Ballroom
9:30am-12:30pm Session 3
2:30-5pm Session 4