The Four Desires: The Yoga of Fulfillment with Rod Stryker

July 11, 2022 | Online Courses

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Thank you for enrolling in The Four Desires Online Course. Let’s dive in!

Please take the time to read this all the way through.

Here’s the great thing about this online offering: you get to set your own schedule and learn at your pace. You will have access to the course curriculum recordings until December 11th, 2022.

Live-Streams take place in US Mountain Time Zone (MDT)

This course includes three live-stream Q&A sessions with Rod Stryker, please note these dates on your calendar:
Saturdays October 1, 8 & 15 at 10am-11:15am MDT

Here is a website to help you determine when these happen in your time zone:

Please submit your questions for the livestream Q&A sessions HERE.

Please try to submit your questions 3 days prior to the livestream. Anything submitted less than 3 days prior to the livestream may be answered in the following week.

The links to register for the live-streams are below. Each will be recorded; recordings will be added to the course video list in this course on each Monday that follows a live-stream.

Required Reading: 
The Four Desires Book & Workbook by Rod Stryker (these must be purchased as they are not included in the tuition price)

Please plan to read at least Chapters 1-11 of the book. You do not need to complete the exercises in those chapters, just read through them. You do not need to have read the workbook but be sure to have it as you begin to work with the course curriculum.

It’s best to have the paper version of the Workbook, but for those of you for whom international shipping is prohibitive, you can access a stream-only version of it here, for the duration of the course.

Finishing the Course, CEU’s, Etc: 
Please plan to finish up no later than December 11th (when the course recordings link will expire). 

In order to receive your certificate of completion, you must view all sessions and then send us your Four Desires “codes” using this link:

Once that is complete, please reach out to us at we will queue you up to receive a certificate that counts fully toward Yoga Alliance continuing education credits (25 hours total) as well as toward both the 300-hour ParaYoga Master Yoga Training and the Parayoga Nidra Certification Program.

This Course’s Page on the PY Website, where many of these details and more live: The Four Desires Online Course

New to Zoom?
We use Zoom for our live-streams, so if you are new to that platform, it’s worth it to get that set up in advance (it’s very easy and intuitive)

Main link to the Zoom platform:
Zoom Set Up Instructions

Please note: if you share a link to a live-stream with someone else, we will be able to see that you have done so as your email will show up more than once as a participant. This will result in you being asked to leave the session. It is important to maintain the privacy of the training in order to keep it fair for our students who have paid tuition. 

Tips for the Zoom live-streams:

  • Please keep video and audio turned off at all times unless you are in a breakout room. After breakout room sessions end, please remember to mute yourself and turn off your video. This will allow the experience to be free from unnecessary distractions and helps greatly with bandwidth.
  • Q&A During the live-stream Q&As, please follow this protocol to ask a question: click Participants at the bottom and then you will see an option at the bottom right to “raise your hand.” This is how Rod will manage your questions; when it’s your turn, he’ll ask you to unmute yourself and turn on your video. We ask that you limit your entries into the chat feature, only using it during times designated by Rod. This will help minimize potential distractions for all participants. 
  • Live-streams will open 10 minutes before the scheduled start. We strongly recommend you join early and test your connection. 
  • Optimizing your wifi: setting up close to your router will improve your connectivity. I have also learned through having teenagers in my house that connection will be best when the wifi isn’t being used intensely by other people on the same wifi!
  • Whenever possible, access the sessions using a laptop or desktop. Mobile compatibility is not available on all devices.
  • Super Helpful Tip! It is recommended that you access the sessions using the Google Chrome browser. Safari and Explore browsers are not currently supported by Zoom.
  • Should you have audio issues: there are various reasons why someone might not be able to hear the audio, including what hardware they are using, their browser, their browser’s security settings, and other IT permissions. Make sure your browser is allowing audio and video. In Google Chrome, go to Settings > Site Settings (under Privacy and Security) > Sound > Allow Sites To Play Sound.
  • Make sure to have the latest version of Zoom running.
  • Consider adding a profile picture as this is a lovely way to create community during online trainings when videos are turned off for much of the time


Meeting 2: Oct 8, 2022 10:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting 3: Oct 15, 2022 10:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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