Reflections & Timeless Solutions Volume II

July 11, 2022 | Online Courses

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Crossing the Divides—Within and Without

“Live life fully, courageously. Be regenerative and generous, kind to yourself and others,” your soul beckons. Most significantly, the soul lights your way to meet each moment fully; it is wholly prepared to guide you to the life you were meant to live. —Rod Stryker

Reflections and Timeless Solutions is a 3-part online series of gatherings, dedicated to returning you to the salve of Spirit. Each session is an opportunity to reflect and most valuably, invoke practical and powerful solutions that return you to your best self and ensure that it is a vibrant force in your life.

Crossing the Divides—Within and Without is the theme of Volume II…  

“The wings of humankind is its aspiration,” wrote the poet, Rumi. As surely as our heart beats, our aspiration aims at two kinds of fulfillment: one that is wholly pragmatic—i.e., pleasure, love, safety…the desire to have value, and no doubt, material security. The other is the longing to truly rest, to abide in peace, to know enduring wholeness, and to even perhaps directly experience Source.

Two kinds of fulfillment. This first, no matter how much we are satisfied by its gifts, is laced with uncertainty and disappointments. The second—a kind of otherworldly, or even heavenly fulfillment—often seems remote or ever so fleeting.

Our humanity calls us to both kinds of fulfillment as well as to find ways to bridge these two seemingly divergent goals, even as it guides us to heal division—within and without. Despite the challenges, there remains the enduring possibility of resolving all schisms. The endeavor to do is nothing less than the work of becoming fully ourselves. This is what I call: “Crossing the Divides.”

This series follows the first 3-part set of gatherings, “Courage and Grace in a World of Conflict,” but it also serves as a stand-alone journey that requires no previous meditation or yoga experience.

Click Here to purchase recordings ($60) of the previous series (Volume I), “Courage and Grace in a World of Conflict.”

Our sessions will weave together timeless and practical wisdom, applied strategies, and techniques, along with:

  • great writings of the ages
  • insights of yoga philosophy and other wisdom traditions
  • the lessons of nature’s cycles
  • journaling exercises
  • meditation

Indeed, these sessions are gatherings intended to enliven resilience and help you tap into the boons of timeless wisdom and inner strength. Guided practice and exercises dedicated to self-discovery enliven authenticity and empower you to venture into the world with greater freedom and joy.

Each session closes with a meditation, Q & A, and thoughts to carry you toward our next meeting—and life in the months and years to come.

Reflections and Timeless Solutions are gatherings,
dedicated to rousing your most vital nature
and ensuring that you continue to be guided
by its creative, aspirational, and bold presence.