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The ParaYoga® Master Training (PYMT) provides an opportunity for all levels of students to experience and study the ultimate scope and life-changing promise of yoga. The PYMT is more than a yoga teacher training program. Its scope and in-depth, personal approach develops exceptional teachers and practitioners who embody and/or are able to lead others into yoga as it was originally envisioned––the most comprehensive and life–affirming spiritual tradition ever created.

The PYMT program offers two levels of Certification and is a fully accredited teacher training school recognized by Yoga Alliance. In fact, ParaYoga is one of the only “styles” of yoga where upon becoming certified (as a ParaYoga Level I or Level II Certified teacher) automatically awards its certified teachers either 200 or 500 RYT status.

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ParaYoga Invocation 
ParaYoga uses an unique Tantric invocation that was given to Yogarupa by his teacher, Pandatji Tigunait. Listen to the ParaYoga invocation here.

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